Meet Megan

Megan Plumer

Owner / Lead Baker

I have been in the food industry for 14 years. My fascination with baking started at my maternal grandmothers house, as I watched her always cooking and baking for family and friends. I still use pieces of her recipes in the shop today. That stuck with me through my high school years, when I worked at multiple local restaurants and an in home bakery.

After graduating High School, I attended MATC in the Culinary Arts program, graduating in 2012 and a few years later graduating from their Pastry Arts program as well. In 2015, I moved out to New York City working for a high end catering company based out of Queens. I was hired on as their Pastry Chef, and worked at events all through Manhattan, from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to events at Lincoln Center. It was such a wonderful experience both personally and professionally, learning even more about my world of pastry.

I moved back to Wisconsin at the end of 2017 and decided to open up my own bakery in May of 2018. I enjoy having my own business and getting to do what I love every day. I have so many pastry ideas I would love to share with this community, so I look forward to adding new items as we go along.

Megan and her husband, Esteban have 2 beautiful children, Betty and Esteban Jr.